The Introduction

“Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be”

-Carrie Bradshaw

Have you ever had one plan, and then BAM! you get hit with a major curve ball? One minute you’re gliding through life about to make a vision board with your friends..and then in an instant your reminded of how precious life really is.

For the past two years my life has been a constant reminder of how short life can be. How important it is to wake up every morning, happy and ready to face whatever life will throw at you. My curve ball came summer of 2016 when my dad, the greatest man I’ve ever know was diagnosed with cancer. A rare form of cancer that is fast spreading and hard to treat. So, for the last two years we have faced this battle, but luckily for us we have never faced it alone. (but as a christian I am constantly reminded I never face anything alone) Our family, Friends, and community all stepped up to the plate and hit every curve ball that was thrown our way. My father, an amazing man, has an incredible testimony. One that will make even the quietest of humans want to shout “praise Jesus”. And as much as I love to tell his side of the story, Ive decided it was time to create mine.

I created this blog a few days ago and had a plan of what I wanted my first entry to be. That was until tonight. Throughout this journey I have often wondered how I was going to use my experiences for something more. I want to DO more than just feel for someone walking down the same path, I want to BE more for someone, I want to be more for myself.

Tonight’s entry is not what I planned, but exactly what I hoped having a blog would do. Give me a place to express things I want to say. Give me a way to hopefully provide an encouraging word. But also a place to tell my friends how much I love them, and that I will fight for them. Just as they have done for me.

Tonight I have a friend feeling the fear and pain I have often felt. And as I drove home with tears in my eyes, hurting for their hurting, I knew what my more would be. My more will be me, my stories, my experiences and my everyday battles. I hope that my yesterday helps you with your today.

And to my girl friends (who Im pretty sure are the only ones reading this blog so far) thank you for always encouraging me and my crazy dreams. Thank you for giving me a reason to write. You will always be my inspiration. I only hope that I can encourage someone as you all have encouraged me!



P.s. May we never be to old for onsies and glitter!

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