When it rains, it pours!


Happy Friday!

Today’s Brew: House Blend      Location: Stirred

This blog is coming at you hot and delicious from one of my favorite spots in my home town! Its so cute and has an awesome vibe! The lighting is low -would be perfect for a date- the music is always on point, and their blends are AMAZING! like so amazing I just want to swim in its aromas and flavors….-but since that might be weird…Id settle for a candle that smelled similar.-

– Full disclosure, I haven’t tried the coffee just yet…I have to let it cool down for a least 10 min before I actually dive in lips first. BUT the aroma its producing is so amazing I know my tongue will soon thank me.

This week was fairly slow and I started to worry I wouldn’t have anything to write about, but then my oh so faithful friends have once again given me words to type.

UPDATE: just took my first sip and my tongue is happy about it!! I didn’t even need to put creme or sugar into it! just a delicious black coffee, YES MA’AM!-

Here in Arkansas its been a rainy week. Every morning, afternoon and night…RAIN. for some people this is an inconvenience, but for me it only fuels my creative mind. I LOVE THE RAIN!!! Like LOVE the rain. I love waking up to the faint sounds of the thunder and rain hitting the window, I love the thoughts of romantic movie senses of people kissing in the rain, I love how God brings rain to feed the earth we all call home.  -I have a cousin who farms, and every time it rains, even though I know just because its raining in my town it may not be in his, I enjoy having him and his family cross my mind!- I LOVE RAIN. its relaxing, necessary for life AND who doesn’t love a good cup of something hot on a chilly rainy morning?

-Or afternoon, no judgment here! coffee is great with a nice steak dinner…just saying.-

whew if that wasn’t a tangent…IDK what is. but lets just all agree rain is good, rain is our friend, we love rain.

So, in saying all that my point was its been raining -;)- I’ve had to plan my running around the rain and this morning as I was running my way up to my house it started to sprinkle and as I was walking into the house it started pouring.

-I’m just going to call this a win at life! I looked at the radar and timed my 30 min run PERFECTLY, also I’m proud that I didn’t let something like a little rain keep me from doing what I promised myself I would do.- training for this 5K is going quite –rain pun-swimmingly!

Earlier this week I went to a weekly dinner with a few of my gals, we went to a place we rarely go. I did my hair and put on some heels.

I LOVE heels…I love shoes in general! in fact after I write this blog I’m trying to talk myself out of going to my favorite boutique and buying TWO new pairs I saw on Instagram. -If you read the hustle you know I am trying to save every penny for a house..or maybe something different (a curve ball came to me this morning 😉 )- but y’all these shoes are super cute and would totally vamp my wardrobe!

-GAH tangent #2-Back to dinner!

We drank some wine and talked for hours on all kinds of subjects including retrograde. -shout out Mary for educating me on the planets- We had a great time! I always leave feeling uplifted!

But before walking into dinner I was talking to my friend Jacqueline -AKA Jakie-O, AKA Jack-O-Lantern, AKA Jakieee, poor girl has so many nicknames- You guys this woman is amazing! Shes a single mom, works awful hours, is trying to keep up with fitness, build a relationship with her boyfriend AND build a business through IT WORKS. So many times  I’ve wished I had her confidence! shes been though some rough times and she is always picking herself up and moving right along!

But right now she is struggling.

Shes struggling to see her end game. shes working herself so hard that she has no time to focus on the most important thing HERSELF. I admire her so much for her determination, but as we were talking I found myself giving her advice to focusing on her!

Y’all, I’m no therapist but I do love lifting people up and as I was giving her advice, telling her shes is doing exactly what she should, but that she needs to rest, I thought THIS IS IT! this is my blog! I mean HELLO I just wrote something on the hustle! and here is an amazing woman hustling so dang hard!!

At first I struggled with writing this post because this isn’t my struggle or even my hustle, BUT I promised myself that I would use my blog to uplift those who need a little extra encouragement. My girl friends are family! Their struggles are my struggles, their victories are my victories, their hustle is. my. hustle!!!

Whenever one of my gals reaches a goal, I feel this overwhelming joy! like a mom meeting her child for the first time kind of joy. I am not a mother but I feel confident in that statement! There is nothing greater than watching someone you love thrive!

I know that Jacq -Oh look another nickname- is not the only woman struggling right now. HECK I’m struggling to figure out how to make my career dreams come true! Although I cannot relate to everything you may be going through, I can give some in site on how I like to deal with The Hustle Blues!!

  1. TRUST that you are right where you are suppose to be.
    • you only get one life! choose to live it in a way that makes you feel ALIVE! yes this is a hard season but you will get through it! nothing worth having comes easy!
    • I continually tell myself that God puts me in places for a reason, and when HE is ready I will know why.
  2. Relish in the small victories
    • #Smallvictoriesmatter
    • This could be anything from hitting those sale numbers to finally having time to cleaning out that junk drawer in the kitchen! what ever your small victory is SOAK it up girl!! –another rain pun
    • One of my small victories is packing my lunch for work! It saves me money and keeps me from eating fast food all the time!
  3. Make time for you
    • LISTEN TO ME!!! YOU. WILL. ACCOMPLISH. NOTHING. -insert me clapping after each word- if you do not make time for you!
    • ladies, our bodies are a temple! give it rest! put down your phone and read that book you’ve been looking at, watch a show on Netflix, spend some time in prayer, whatever your “you” time looks like DO IT!! I promise your business will be there in an hour!
    • One thing I love to doing is spending time alone in coffee shops! This blog has given me a reason to do just that! WHOOP!
  4. Give time to the people in your life
    • kids, husbands, boyfriends, friends….whoever
    • these people are in our lives because they love and enjoy our company, so lets give them our company!
    • every relationship takes work. like a business you have to put in the hours to see growth. you want something to change in your marriage or relationship? Feed it. give it some life. you cant expect a flower to bloom if your not watering it.
    • My friends and I are always finding new and fun things to do together!
  5. Choose happiness
    • Every now and again take a look at your life and decide what is truly making you happy.
    • Like I said you only get one life, live it to your fullest happiest potential. Maybe its you business, maybe not. Don’t spend your time watering something that is never going to make you fully bloom!
    • I am an over-thinker, so this one can be hard sometimes, but I am always trying to be positive in every aspect of my life!
    • This one is only because I LOVE dancing in my car!!!
    • Sometimes putting on an uplifting song and jamming out in your car, can do wonders for your self confidence!!!
    • Music has always been a huge part of my life! I have so many songs that bring me to tears because of the motivation I feel when I hear them! FIND THOSE SONGS FOR YOU!!

A moment ago I had to stop writing to run an errand, while I was driving I was reflecting on what I had already written and how I was going to wrap it up.

-Or if it even made sense, because sometimes my brain is super jumbled….I’m sure this will come out in my writing at some point.-

I kept thinking of how I said “this is not my struggle” but isn’t it?

At this moment I am trying to figure out how do I start my dream business? where do I begin? is my overwhelming passion a sign from God? Should I take a leap of faith? What if I fail? -Am I NUTS because all I do is question things??

I will stress myself out to a point of sadness when it comes to what I want to do with my life. I have so much drive to give others advice on how to keep going, and pursue their dreams….but am I taking my own advice?

Now I don’t know what this process will look like, or even if I’m suppose to embark on this journey I feel so strongly about, but what I do know is I believe in you! No matter where this crazy life of mine takes me I will always find way to keep encouraging those around me!

Thank you to everyone who has read so far! All your Encouraging words mean so much!! I am having so much fun writing this blog! Its forcing me to keep searching for my next inspiration! I know that while encouraging you to keep hustling through, I will find my path!

What is this dream career path you ask?

Well, that’s a story for another rainy day! 😉

Until next time caffeine queens





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