30 Day Challenge

Bonjour les amateurs de cafe

Today’s Brew: K-Cup   Location: My bed


Translation: Hello coffee lovers! Or if your reading it in order, hello the lovers of coffee. I decided to spice it up a this week with one of my favorite languages, french! I took a class once in high school and can still say a select few phrases. Most of them having to do with coffee (of courses) and finding a bathroom. #Necessities. French is also known as the language of love and this week is all about self love!

-Did anyone else notice how smooth that transition was? A little forecasting into today’s topic if you will. :)-

Show of hands…who has negative thoughts daily? Who gets so caught up in their emotions that they start to spiral into anxiety attacks, depression, or other non fun things??

THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! I am an over thinker mixed with an obsessive planner. Its hard for me to deal when things don’t go as planned or when I’m uncertain about a situation. But my main trigger is when I feel someone disapproves of me. This will send me straight down the anxiety rabbit hole.

For a long time I thought this was normal. Everyone feels like this. That what I would tell myself, so its okay. Although many people may feel like this, it is not in fact okay. Life is so much greater than what I was prepared to accept as my normal.

That was until now.

I have this friend who has struggled with anxiety for years. She tells me stories of her attacks, how she feels no one wants to be around her and worst of all how she isn’t happy with her body.

First let me start by saying that this woman is one of my favorite people to be around. She is hilarious, looks cute in anything (though she would OF COURSE not agree, but she does) has recently become a boss mom, and has the same if not better body then she had before!! She is able to laugh at herself and isn’t afraid to make herself look weird.

The problem is she laughs at herself to cover up her insecurities and she isn’t fully confident in her weirdness. Isn’t this all of us? I know it’s been me a time or two. We make jokes about ourselves to cover up the insecurities we have. But what if we could joke and laugh, all while actually feeling amazing in our own skin?

She tells me that she is always thinking these negative thoughts, and my first instinct is to tell her how amazing she is and that she is better than those thoughts. I also find myself telling her me too. I do the same thing.

Encouraging our friends is a wonderful thing, but until we believe those positive and encouraging words, they are in fact just that…words. In one ear and out the other, am I right?

This week I decided to tried yoga for the first time. It was a beautiful experience, and at one point the instructor told us to say something positive about ourselves TO ourselves. She explained that she could say these positive things, but until we heard them in our own voice from our own persons we would doubt them.

After that class I left feeling so refreshed with my next blog! A 30 Day Challenge. Some of this idea came form Rachel Hollis’s podcast on anxiety and how she dealt with it. She stated that our brain will go to its normal. And right now our normal is self doubt and fear of rejection.

It take 30 days to form a habit. And ladies we are going to take 30 days to retrain our brain. We are going to train ourselves to push those negative thoughts of our heads and force positive ones instead!!! We will embrace our weirdness and all its glory!

Step 1- For every negative thought you have, write down something positive. Grab a note pad and write down things you like about yourself! Cant think of anything? write down what others say they like about you! Maybe after the 30 days you will believe them too!

Step 2-Get active! Physical activity does wonders for the mind. Release some of that serotonin.

Step 3- Give yourself a little pep talk. I do this A LOT. sometimes its in my head, sometimes its a full blown conversation. Either way I am my biggest cheer leader.

Take these three steps and apply them to the month of September. Take control of your life, your thoughts, and your self image! Suffering is a choice. I refuse to let my anxiety take over this beautiful life God has blessed me with!

I am so excited to start this journey of self love! I’m even going to try yoga regularly! There is something so relaxing about twisting your body in ways you didn’t even know you could.

Good luck on your journey! I cant wait to hear your positive thoughts!!!

Until next time!



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