FALLing into change


Its time to immerse ourselves in everything pumpkin, wear leggings for days straight and hide the winter pounds with big comfortable sweaters! CAN I GET A AMEN??!!!

This blog is coming to you on a Tuesday because I’ve realized my life is too crazy to commit too one day! So now it will be a nice little surprise. This also allows me to write as soon as I feel inspiration. I’m so scatter brained that I would have this AMAZING topic and by Friday…y’all I would have ZERO clue what I wanted to write about 😂. So welcome to Tuesday! Tomorrow is Hump day, and the next day is Thursday then your on your way to the weekend! It’s all about perception people!!

These weeks have once again been filled with joy. We celebrated my friend Danielle’s birthday we laughed and yelled over each other to the point of soreness the next day! I will never stop expressing how thankful I am for them.

We are gearing up for a BUSY October. My best friend will get married at the end of the month and we will celebrate with a spa get away the weekend before. I CANNOT express how excited I am to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my best gals!

I have been killing it at school but spending most of my time in bed with books, my computer, kindle and note cards spread all over the sheets. -AHH- Online classes really are the best. To be able to learn from my bed with Netflix in the back ground…YES MAAM.

Now that we’ve gotten caught up let’s dive in..shall we?

Last week I was listening to a podcast and the subject was on change. How we should always be seeking and embracing change. I have never been one for change. If the lord wants something to change hes going to have to push me.

As I was listening to the words they said and the experiences they used to make them stronger I found myself thinking, how am I going to willed my current situations into something better? How can I embrace change?

Little did I know God had been working already. Like I said if he wants me to make a change he was going to have to push me…and that he has. A situation or should I say ultimatum was placed in front of me that very day. The ides of change were upon me. -A little Shakespeare for ya. Like the ides of March..get it?-

When I was listening to that podcast I had no idea by that afternoon I would have to apply that knowledge to my life so soon.

One of the scariest aspects of change is lack of control. More times than not when you decide to make a change or when you are forced to make changes, its due to a lack of control in a situation or not being able to control the outcomes of the said situation.

Let me just tell you…I AM A CONTROL FREAK. I want to have control in all aspects of my life and when I start to lose control in one area I try to compensate in the next. As you can imagine this is a VERY healthy lifestyle…-insert eye rolling-.

My biggest uncontrollable situation in my life right now is my dad. As much as I would like to I cannot control his cancer. This has been a hard realization. One that I’m still struggling with. But by the grace of God, I’m dealing.

So what now?

I could just ignore the situations and hope things get better, but in the words of Mr Dave Hollis “Hope is not a strategy”. You don’t reach goals or overcome obstacles because you hoped they would get better. You work your tail end off and MAKE them better.

Here I am change brewing -ha- trying to find control in uncontrollable situations. Trying to embrace, appreciate and willed these situations to make me stronger. I may never have it all together, or be able to control every aspect of my life, but I can however control how I react to them and in some instances the outcome.

One way I have decided to embrace change and except loss of control, is focusing on what I CAN control.

I CAN control my physical health. Mornings When my alarm goes off at 5:30 and I don’t want to get out of bed, I think “I could sleep for one more hour.” BUT the second thought I have is the promise I made to myself to be better and do better. A promise that I have COMPLETE control over. Sure one more hour might be nice, but you know what else is nice? Completing that 30 min jog. Being able to do 15 push-ups instead of 8. Going to work with energy and a positive attitude because I chose to get up and get moving before my day began AND I kept a promise I made to myself.

I CAN control who I surround myself with. Having the great group of friends that I do, this is not a hard situation to control. Recently me and a couple friends talked about this exact thing. If someone is in your life and you are getting nothing out of it, why are you wasting your time? And when I say getting something out of it I DO NOT mean physical things. I’m talking emotional. SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, LAUGHTER, EXCITEMENT, someone who pushes you to be the best version of yourself! That’s the people who are worthy of your time. Not Debbie downer who can’t get her crap together so she’s gonna bring you down too. NO MA’AM. Get otta here!

And finally I CAN control my happiness. Every day when you wake up you have the choice. A good day, or a bad day. Some days this is easy, some days this is hard. But ultimately it’s YOUR decision. Choose wisely.

Having control and enforcing that control over certain aspect of our lives gives us perspective on those situations we can’t. I know that no matter what life throws my way I am healthy, I have amazing friends and every morning when my feet touch the ground I’m going to CHOOSE happiness. Because happiness is in my control. Rachel Hollis says “suffering is a choice.” I’m starting to realize just how true that statement is.

Ladies Enjoy this fall season! As we watch the leaves turn colors and start to fall, let’s think of our lives. How can we become better at embracing change? What will we allow to fall in and out of our lives? And as always how can we make a bigger impact on those around us?

Thanks for reading and following along on my journey!

Until next time



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