October Blessings

Pay attention to the season of life you’re, God may be preparing you for something bigger.


My 27th birthday and one of my best friends 29th birthday was last week! Sharing a birthday week with her has been a blessing. We have so many memories of cookouts and cakes! This year it was a brewery and brunch! (almost better than cookouts and cakes) This month has been so busy for us all but we still find time to celebrate. We may want to stay home on the couch, but when we arrive and laugh for hours its never a wasted night!


My favorite part was watching Kas open her gifts. She is the most grateful person I know. You give her rocks and shes ecstatic! And I mean that literally. she loves rocks! she uses them to decorate, so when one of us gave her rocks as a present…well you can see the excitement! Ya’ll Get you a friend who is so gracious any gift will make her happy! She is a inspiration!

Now that we are caught up on life..lets dive on in!

Last week I celebrated my 27th Birthday! 27 years of life!!! Sometimes when I really sit down and think about it,  my head starts to spin. What have I been doing for 27 years and how does time go by in a blink!

I can remember wanting to rush my years to my 20’s. I thought those “women have it all together.” I’ll have an amazing job, own at least 2 pairs of LV shoes and have a closet so big I could have a party in there….Well, I’m 3 years from 30 and I have none of those things.

BUT fear not, because I am on the path to having all of those things. I got my motivation a little later in life. Looking back I sometimes find myself wishing I would have been smarter and finished my degree sooner, moved out sooner or just all around got my crap together in a timely manner. Having those thoughts takes me to a sad place sometimes. As I have mentioned, I AM IMPATIENT.

I start to think because I am pushing 30 I need to have more experience, more money, my degree or more space (a house) to put my things in (I have a lot of things). I cant tell you how many times I have seen friends reap benefits of their hard work and although I’m happy, I’m also a little jealous.

WELL!!!! The only person keeping me from reaping those benefits is myself. This is a lesson I have forced myself to recognize this year. I have also learned that not everyone’s journey is easy. In fact, the most amazing journeys I have heard had so many obstacles you almost wonder why they didn’t give up. LADIES AND GENTS, I am one of those. Sure I gave up a few times, but I have always picked myself up and went straight back into the fire. 26 was a YEAR…I mean a YEAR. I have felt emotions I never knew I had. I’ve felt defeated more times than I can count. (writing that statement now I feel tear in my eyes) I’ve been let down, I let others down, I developed anxiety, I realized I need a career change, I’ve had to watch a friend loose her father, watch friends battle depression and anxiety. SO. MANY. THINGS.


Let me just tell you how…You watch your friends rise above their struggles and pain. You start to realize just how strong you really are. With all the hard things I have watched them go through I have also watched them blossom! I have watched them put their fears aside and enroll in a masters program, decide to see a holistic doctor (super jealous of this I hear they are awesome) , Watch them become SUPER boss babes and rock their company’s like they own them.

And ME? I’ve discovered strength I never knew I had. I’ve found ways to find joy in the mist of chaos. My life will never be perfect. There will be seasons of joy and seasons of sadness. How you choose to spend those seasons of sadness is up to you! In the beginning, I chose to run, hide and just not deal. That was until I discovered…(and hold on this ones a dozy) I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS GONE THROUGH THIS.

Yes I know..its hard to believe, but I am not the only one who has had to walk through a hard season of life. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, until I started seeking out podcast and books about how other had overcome their obstacles I felt alone. Its so easy to feel alone when your walking though the fire. But God gave us the gift of speech for a reason. OPEN up. call a friend, crack a book, download a podcast. (I have a few I love and I’m happy to share.) Men and Woman all over the world are walking through the fire and coming out untouched by the flames. YOU CAN TO!!!! The only thing standing in your way is you.

Until you find your strength reach out to friends and family. They are in your life because they love you. They want to be there for you! Let them! Let them water your fire and dim the flames until you can control it. Reach out to others who have walked though this battle. Take comfort in the fact you are not alone. YOU CAN COME OUT OF THIS STRONGER. and I promise, if you choose to, YOU WILL!

On my birthday I made a promise to myself, I will NOT live 27 in a state of fear and anxiety. I decided to have a birthday resolution. I will face things head on and be untouched by my flames.

What promise do you need to make to yourself? Today is a perfect day to start. In one year who will you be? What goals will you have achieved? I cant wait to tell you all about mine!

If your still reading my ramblings about my thoughts, feelings and life, Thanks for sticking with me!! Writing is a passion I never knew I had and I’m excited I get to share it with you!

Happy Friday!

Do something this weekend that makes you happy!! This weekend I will be enjoying a spa get away with my best girls in a gorgeous Victorian house! I cant want to relax, laugh and make so many more memories! They are truly my tribe. And whether they like it or not…they are stuck with me! 🙂

Until next time!



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