Peacefully Chaotic

Ironically I think embracing chaos might be the path to finding peace.

-Rachel Hollis

Good Morning and welcome to Friday!!!!!

This blog is coming at you from one of my favorite places…On the couch next to my father watching the Andy Griffith Show. Friday mornings are my favorite because I get to spend them with him. My life has been so busy lately I have hardly had the time to slow down. But don’t worry it has been filled with lots of fun and exciting things!

Last night me and a few girls took over a local brewery’s tap room (fort Smith Brew Company) and cleared our minds and lifted our girl Kas up with some yoga. ITS WEDDING WEEKEND FOR HER!!!! I’m so excited to share in this time with her! This week I have come to a couple of realizations, one being that Sometimes God brings distractions into our lives to help us navigate through the tough parts.

Last weekend was just as full with love and laughter as we whisked our bride away for a spa weekend in Hot Springs. First LET. ME. TELL. YOU. The spa experience was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Two and a half hours of pure relaxation! If you haven’t checked out Hot Springs and all they have to offer, please do!

As I’m reflecting on the weekend My favorite part wasn’t the spa, it wasn’t the wonderful gift baskets that were prepared… it was the conversation. More specifically the conversation that was had by 10 women sitting at a dining room table in a beautifully restored Victorian home.  We talked about everything under the sun ranging from miscarriages, new journeys, crazy memories with one another, and of course our bride to be! I remember sitting at the table for bunch and dinner all weekend and just being so thankful for them and their friendship. I cant even put into words the pure joy I felt.

Friday night was my favorite (besides the spa experience of course), We put on out PJ’s (or if your Maddie..a MOMO….seriously I need a momo), played games, turned on some tunes and danced the week away. We were talking over one another with laughter and no surprise good conversation.

This house was so perfect! It was a Victorian home restored with a little modern charm and a vintage feel. Its name was The Queen Anne Manner and how fitting since our girl is about to marry a King (not a real one his last name is just King…but he is her knight in shinning armor). More than one of the gals had mentioned that they had slept so well that weekend. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was because there is just something about having all of your favorite people under one roof that makes you feel so safe and so at peace.

After the weekend was over and I was back in town, driving home I started thinking about all the things going on in my life. Grief, stress and worry started to set in. Until it hit me….I had not thought about one single life problem all weekend. Not once did I think of school, work, or just the everyday stress I’m dealing with in this season of my life.

I started to cry heavy tear as I thanked God for giving me a weekend filled with pure joy. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. I cannot think of a time I didn’t wake up with a heavy heart and a stress ridden brain. Its as if God used last weekend to show me that life still goes on. And he will not in fact give me anything I cannot handle. Right now I am in chaos, but I am finding so much peace, love and beauty in the middle.

Our lives will never be perfect. We have to find ways to find the joy in a season of endless grief. I know God is preparing me for something greater. And I am going to survive this season and come out stronger in the end. This past weekend showed me that.

At one point Kas (the bride) was so emotional over the fact that we all keep showing up for her even with all the struggles going on in our lives. And let me tell you WE ALL HAVE A LOT GOING ON. LIKE A LOT! But what I have come to realize and I think my girls will agree, sharing in her time of happiness and growth has given us an escape. A reason to keep showing up for one another, a reason to step away from the struggle and celebrate.

If your in a hard season yourself, I encourage you to take a step back and look around. If you look, you will find blessings. If you grew up in a southern gospel home as I did, you probably heard the song “Count your blessings” every Sunday morning your entire life. But now as an adult when I start to feel those negative feelings creep in I just start to count my blessings name them one by one, when your down and out you’ve got to count your blessings.

Well I’m pumped up and off to start my weekend full of events! Pedicures with the girls, rehearsal dinner, and a wedding to remember. (I wish I could put all the heart eyes and crying emojis here…but I cant so just imagine them please)

Let me know what some of your blessings are! I love to hear how God works in others lives! If you don’t already follow me on social media, give my icons a click and follow along in my crazy, beautiful, peacefully chaotic life!

Until next time Queens!



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