Thankful, Grateful, Blessed


Does anyone else love Reese Witherspoon?? I do! Shes fabulous! Thankful for her!

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

-Colossians 4:2

Good Morning!

This scripture resonate with anyone else?? I know it does for me! Full disclosure I googled this scripture. I wanted to have a thankful scripture this week and couldn’t think of one so I googled. And low and behold here. it. is. I feel like this Scripture is everything I’ve been writing about.

Take it in and know, no matter whats going on in your life right now, Give thanks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and ate way to much. My thanksgiving was low key this year. Sometimes families have to split their time and this was that year for us. I still ate all the delicious things and spent it with the people that mean the most.

Black Friday was once again good to me and everyone on my list! I got most of my Christmas shopping done and saved, saved, saved! At least that’s what all the store adds told me. Black Friday is a tradition I look forward to every year. I stock up on all things shoe and makeup!  This year I was on my best behavior and only bought two pairs of shoes. If you ask my boyfriend he would tell you two pairs in one week is insane….But he also thinks gluing the sols back to an old pair of shoes makes them brand new. ( I wish I could add the eye rolling emoji) We could not be more different in the shoe department.

As I was shifting through deals and trying to mark people off my list as quickly as possible, I started to think how Christmas shopping can sometimes be a burden. Every year we stress on what to get who, how much to spend on the whats and the who’s, and when to make time to get the whats for the who’s in our busy schedules.

I am an only child, so Christmas in my house looks like me being spoiled because my dad believes I need the world and like me, mom can not be trusted when it comes to a good deal. (no doubt my favorite quality about them lol) But as I was shopping I couldn’t help but thank how thankful I am to be able to buy for people I love.

What do I mean by this? well on this journey to self discovery we have been working on gratitude. Finding gratitude in all the things. Basically what I talk about in all my blogs. And in the mile long line at JCP, I found it.

This does not mean I think everyone should go over the top with gifts but instead of having the negative feelings we are all so familiar with, lets take a step back and be thankful for those on our list. The most precious gifts I receive are those that make me feel like that person truly knows me. When they take the time to think about where I am in life and gift me accordingly. For example, PENS! I am a student and I lose about 100,000 pens a day. Pens would be a lovely gift. Simple? Yes! But I bet you my bottom dollar when I’m looking for a pen and I find the package I got from Aunt Pam at Christmas, I’M GOING TO THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR AUNT PAM! (I don’t really have an aunt Pam, but if you do maybe she will get you pens!)

While your looking for your who’s I encourage you to look past the dollar amount and look towards the value the gift will bring to their life.

I cannot take full credit for this thought. It was something my boyfriend said that got me thinking. At lunch one day he told me giving gifts based on where people are in their life is his favorite part of Christmas. He takes the time to think of what each person needs or would use the most. I decided I wanted to be that person!

Gifting has always been so exciting for me. I love to see the reactions on peoples faces when they open a gift I have prepared for them. But I do wonder if I am truly thinking about what those people could use the most. This year I am changing my gifting and receiving ways.

I’ve already come up with some fun creative ideas for my girls, something I believe they will appreciate and be able to use!

You guys Christmas is just around the corner and will be here before we know it. I don’t know what your family dynamic looks like, but I do know if you go looking for blessings you WILL find them. EVERY TIME!

I know because I have found myself happier in moments of sadness. I have been able to push life’s obstacles aside and just be present. I’m going to say this in every blog, do I still get sad and down? 100%. Do I still feel overwhelmed at times? 100%. I am human. These feelings will still come over me. But the past few weeks have been so nice. I don’t feel the black cloud over my head every day. I have these moments of goofy-ness or singing in my car and I think “oh, this is nice. This is me again.”

LOOK FOR THOSE BLESSINGS! Rachel Hollis was right. ‘Its impossible to live in a state of anxiety when you are feeling grateful.” I’m starting to realize that is true.

OH MY!! I almost forgot, Last night was friends giving!

friends giving

It was once again filled with food, laughs and girl pictures! This year by a steaming fire place, or a TV version. I made Tiny apple pies and everyone loved them! My being a better baker goal is going quite well! I made cookies earlier this week and they were the perfect about of chewy! I don’t want to toot my own horn but I am two for two this holiday season when it comes to desserts.

apple pie

Mom has put the snowmen out and our tree is up! I’m ready to get this holiday season started!!!

This is all the ramblings I have for you this week! I hope your weekend is filled with holiday leftovers and some relaxing before we head back to work! I’m off to organize my shoe closet and read about some whiskey in a tea cup!



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