Spring is Blooming

Hello! Happy Friday and welcome to spring!

Mom and I are on our way to Waco TX this morning to visit Magnolia Market!! If you don’t know, this is the holy grail to us creatives! We will emerge ourselves in all things Chip and Joanna Gains! The drive is of course complete with our cups of coffee!

Spring is my favorite time of year! Its when the flowers are blooming and I get sinus infections. It when we have that awkward talk in our closets, with ourselves, because its 30 degrees in the morning and 75 in the afternoon. (And you know the conversation I’m talking about. The one where you decide if you want to suffer running into work or suffer running out.) The time of year you plan your shoe choices and hair styles with the weather.

SPRING. Its a love hate relationship. Much like my topic for today’s post.

How many of you have felt like you had so much to do, that you would rather not do it? I feel ya. That grocery list isn’t going to shop itself. Those kids aren’t going to make it to practice without you. Your clients aren’t going to survive if you don’t answer that email at 7:35pm.

I get it and, I feel it too.

There are days my planner is so filled I have no clue how I’m going to do it all.

Let me be completely transparent, I have no kids and I’m not married. Some of you read that and thought, ok? What does she know?

Well I know a crazy busy schedule. That’s what I know.

I cant attest to kids or running a house hold but, I can relate to feeling as if there is simply no time.

I work full time, take 12 hours of online classes, volunteer for a wonderful organization, have an active social life and try to maintain a relationship. Its not raising tiny humans but, its my life and its the season God has placed me in. So often I have felt like I wasn’t allowed to give advice on time management.

Let be real…Have you ever tried to tell a woman who’s been juggling three kids and a job that your life is busier? NO. You don’t. Because you would die the death of a thousand stares.

Where I am now is where God wants me to be. Not married, no kids and BUSY. Why? Because I prayed for this. I prayed for a life that would fill up my cute planners. I prayed for a life so full of accomplishments my parents would be proud. I prayed for a life that was challenging. I prayed for a job that would make me think and give me room to grow.

I prayed for this life. And so did you.

Remember when you wanted a child so badly you cried every time it didn’t happen? Remember when you asked God to being you the perfect husband? Remember when you went happy with your current job and he opened a door for a new one? Or, remember when you decided to go back to school and he paved the way with fresh crisp asphalt?

God does nothing by mistake. And sister, where you are in life is NO mistake. So, how do we do it? How do we accomplish all the things?

Well, I’m no expert but I do have a few solid routines that help me keep track of all the said things.

  • “Baby write this down, take a little note. To remind you in case you didn’t know.” (George Strait. What a human!)

If its not written in my planner, Its not getting done. NO MA’AM. I will forget.  And I will feel bad for it. I write EVERYTHING in my planner. Call her, Order this, change your oil. If it needs to be done, it has been written. This allows you to be able to clear your mind of it. Its written down for two weeks. you will see it when the time comes, now on to more things. Our brains can only take so much Lets give it a rest.

  • And 5, 6, 7, 8.

Have a routine. It takes 30 days to form a habit and 7 days to break one. Having a daily routine and sticking to it will ensure tasks will be done. I know it sounds like forming a routine is only going to be yet another item on your list but, once those 30 days are up it will feel as if its just apart of your life. Like sleeping or brushing your teeth.

  • “That’s It, I’m not going.”

Don’t be afraid to say no! You do not have to agree to everything thrown your way. You can only keep to a schedule if you have the time to keep it. Fill your days with what really matters. This is something I’m having to work on. It’s what every single successful person gives as advice. Learn to say no.

  • On Sunday’s, we take naps.

Every Sunday I do nothing. No homework and I set zero obligations. (besides church) I just let the day be for me. Not everyone can have a full day. I get that. But you can find an hour. An hour to do anything you want to do. Take a bath, read that book you’ve been eyeing for months, binge some Netflix.

Sure, I think about the homework I could be doing but, it will be there Monday. It will ALL be there the next day, at the top of your list of things to do. Might as well take the time to relax and tackle that list with a clear head and a rested body. Nothing is so important it cant wait.

These four things help me tremendously in my every day life. They help me to stay focused and faithful to the life I have been given.

Make no mistake, I faultier and I do it often.

Last week I was looking at all the things I needed to get done for school while being told I was going to train on two more accounts at work (mind you I am still learning my job). I had just signed up to take two summer classes and I started to panic. (Internally of course because, there is no crying in baseball.) Summer classes are accelerated and I’m in my senior year so the classes require more effort then most.

What. Have. I. Done.

Me, being an over achiever, would NEVER turn down an opportunity. Learning is my favorite tool. (Yes, leaning is a tool. You have to choose to learn. Choose to allow yourself to be taught.)

I was suddenly reminded of the time I bought my first cute decorative planner.

y’all, I had no life.

I remember I would get frustrated because I had nothing to write on the pages. I would write anything and EVERYTHING down…Like anything to make my life seem more interesting.

8am. your alarm will go off.

8:10am you will brush your teeth.

Anything ladies.

Now my days are so jam packed I don’t have room to tell myself when to brushing my teeth. I prayed for this. I would ask God to give me a life worth living. Something fulfilling. A life where I was making an impact.

He delivered.

He delivered in a BIG way. As I sat at my desk thinking these thoughts I suddenly became excited.  Excited for the new challenges that were ahead. Excited to dominate them and come out smarter and stronger.

Excited to live the life I payed for.

My job gives me a sense of accomplishment. The Junior League helps me make an impact. And school challenges me.

So many answered prayers.

I once had a friend tell me that perception is everything. How we preceve a moment is ours and ours alone. No one can tell you how you feel is wrong. I think of that often. I feel as if God has been redirecting my perception.

Helping me to see all the amazing gifts he has given me in the middle of chaos.

Its a proven fact that when we change our attitude, change how we choose to see things, our whole world changes. We are happier, more fulfilled and at peace.

That’s the wonderful thing about being a child of God. His grace never runs out. His blessings keep appearing. Right when you need them most, when you don’t deserve them, and when your concealing a mini panic attack trying to figure out what the heck your professor means with their “feedback” notes.

Sometimes I like to imagine God grabbing my shoulders, shaking me and saying “Common woman! You asked, I gave it to you, NOW GO LIVE IT.”

I say all of this in hopes that you thought of something in your life that stresses you out. In hopes that you now remember the day you prayed for it. In hopes that when you go to bed tonight instead of asking God for something, you’ll thank him instead.

I know my prayer is always, “Thank you for the privilege to earn an education, thank you for parents who love and support me, thank you for the job I get to work.” Every night I start my prayer with thanks.

My life is full of possibilities I prayed for. I won’t always be positive in situations. I won’t always see the good. But, I know God will always be right beside me. Grabbing my shoulders, shaking them silly and reminding me that I asked for this.

Answered prayers can be a love hate relationship. Much like spring. But like spring, they bring a beautiful and blooming life.


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